do more, each day.

A grocery store is a timeless confluence of human relationships and the spirit of doing more with less. We take pride in working with these stores and contributing towards their journey of modernization.

If you are a Retailer

Any Hardware, any software

Enrolling with us brings no onerous responsibilities on you. We can work with which ever hardware and software you are using in your store. For the first timers, we would be happy to help you procure the hardware at discounted prices. Our software is made available to you at no cost.

Big InStore investments

We have large CPGs as our subscribers. They are committed to helping you offer the best value for money to your shoppers. The quantum of investments made by our subscribers into your stores stays unmatched. Higher investments mean higher growth and shopper stickiness.

Subscription, That Delivers

Taikee brings low price, reliable delivery and access to working capital to your door step. All for a small little subscription price. With Taikee, you get access to a very wide selection of assortment, low price, low cost of capital and next day delivery free of cost. Subscribe now

If you are a Subscriber

Volumes, that impact

Our network of stores has high throughputs and impact 25-35% of urban consumption in these cities. These stores are in the top quartile in terms of footfalls, size of transactions, assortment stocked and shopper diversity. These stores represent the urban shopper behaviour in a comprehensive way.

Network That Scales

Taikee, helps you connect with the stores in our network from a supply standpoint. You could connect your stocking point to the supply network and let technology take on from there. This model provides higher availability at significantly reduced distribution costs.

Leverage Shopper Relationships

The stores in our network have special relationships with their shoppers. These relationships can be leveraged to bring to the market new brands, services and products. Helps you acquire the right customer at the least possible cost.